The 2nd Amendment

Steve has received an A rating from the NRA. Additionally, Steve is the author of HB-1076 The Firearms Protection Act.

Defunding Obamacare

Since 2013 Kevin Brady has told us "Give us the Senate and we will defund Obamacare." We did just that. Republicans enjoy the largest majority since World War II but they refuse to defund Obamacare.

Steve will vote to defund it.

Immigration and Securing The Republic

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The charge by our Founding Fathers to future generations was

... to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.
The failure to secure our borders by the Federal government places all Americans at risk while pushing State budgets to the breaking point. At the 2014 Texas State Republican Convention I lead the floor fight against The Texas Solution that left our borders open while granting blanket amnesty.

Islamic Fundamentalists

Americans were horrified by the events of 9/11 because of a failed immigration policy. The Terrorist events in Paris this past November serve as a sober reminder that the threat of Fundamentalist Islamists has not diminished. Just a few short days after the horrors of Paris, United States Border Patrol captured eight Syrians crossing the border from Mexico in to Texas.

State Budgets

Twenty short years ago the State of Texas spent just 2% of its budget on Medicaid. When the 85th Session begins in January 2017 Medicaid spending will have grown to 25% eclipsing education as the biggest driver of the Texas budget. 52% of live births in Texas are paid for by Medicaid. Does this sound sustainable to you? Of course not.

Open borders provide a pathway for future Terrorist events while causing financial ruin for future generations.

I will fight for:

  • A secure border that includes completing our Southern wall along the Mexico border.
  • Deployment of the latest aerial surveillance technology to assist US and TX DPS of impending border incursions.
  • Deployment of a biometric tracking system for all non-citizens entering and leaving the United States.
  • Kate's Law and the elimination of Sanctuary Cities. Sanctuary cities should lose federal funds if they continue to defy federal immigration laws
  • Illegal immigrants will not eligible for entitlement benefits. The magnets must, once and for all be turned off.
  • Stop the issuance of H-1B Visas immediately and tie future visas to skills that are actually needed. Corporations should not be allowed to use H-1B Visas holders to replace skilled U.S. Workers.
  • End birthright citizenship. The founders did not intend for the blessing of citizenship to be obtained illegally.


Steve had a 100% voting record with Texas Right To Life and received their endorsement in 2014 earning their "Champion of Life Award."

Six Plus One Agencies That Must Go

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The Internal Revenue Service is being used as a weapon against politically conservative and faith based organizations. A simple flat tax for all with only two deductions (charitable contributions and mortgage interest) would end the IRS.

Department of Education

The Department of Education has forced so many unfunded mandates on our local schools that little time is left for teaching the fundamental. Teachers are forced to spend countless hours on paperwork and forms submitted to bureaucrats that will never review them. Let's rescue our teachers from the bureaucrats and give them back to our kids.

Department of Energy

The Department of Energy has served as a dollar magnet for the Washington Cartel that has funded some of the biggest corporate failures in US history. The greatest technologies ever created came from the sweat, toil and creativity of the private sector. The next breakthrough in energy will be no different.

Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce has foolishly picked winners and losers for too long. Restoration of the free market system is America's greatest hope for economic opportunity and prosperity.

Department of Housing

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has failed inner city America for too long. Section 8 Housing should be turned in to a voucher program rather than a building program.


The Environmental Protection Agency must be reformed or eliminated. Nameless, faceless, beurocrats that create laws and regulations outside of the constitutional restraints established by our Founders must be stopped.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is an independent agency with little to no oversight or accountability. It's draconian control over our financial institutions will have a chilling effect on our economy when it goes in to effect in 2016.